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DIVISION 10 - ADA, Safety, & Wayfinding Signage

Gold Signs offers a wealth of experience when it comes to your compliance signage. We specialize in Americans with Disabilities Act compliant signage (also known as ADA Signs) as well as building safety, and wayfinding signage. Our talented staff have created a vast array of ADA signage for all type of companies spanning a wide range of industries, and are fully up to date with the 2012 Texas Architectural Barriers Accesability Standards.

Gold Signs designs, fabricates, and installs standard and custom ADA signage, ADA Restroom signs, and other types of ADA compliant signage including tactile signs fabricated from Applique, Photopolymer, and metal utilizing the latest in 3D printing technology.

Of course, your ADA compliance is only one half of the equation, the next step is how you get your customers and employees navigating in and around your facilities. Our team will work with you to develop a needs assessment, and then will present ideas and concepts for interior and exterior directional signage which will be harmonious with your new ADA signage and architectural aesthetics.

Custom Foam Monuments.

Custom Foam Signage.

Architectural Elements.

Custom Address Signs

Custom Dimensional Elements

Foam & Architectural Elements

If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, then our specialty products are just the ticket for your brand. From our extremely tough and durable E.P.S. (expanded polystyrene) monument signs and accent pieces, to dimensional elements and custom architectural features fabricated from a variety of specialty materials. Our foam products are hand and digitally sculpted and then coated with an aggregate acrylic, making it extremely strong. Foam elements are affordable, lightweight, fully customizable, and rot, termite, and moisture resistant.


Gold Signs provides high quality fabric awnings, roll formed canopies, and aluminum and metal trellis systems. We utilize state of the art, advanced fabrication systems, and design your awnings with both form and function.

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Our architectural category encompasses Specialty Foam & Architectural Features, ADA & Wayfinding Signage, Plaques, Awnings, and Environmental Graphics.